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The Solid, Reliable and User-Friendly large format Resin 3D Printer.
Ideal for production of large models and mini production series.

WHO SAID THAT SIZE DOESN’T MATTER? are 475 x 242 x 340 mm enough?
Here’s the BIG solution!

BIG is now available, a 3D resin printer with a price to volume ratio that was unthinkable until recently. It’s easy to use, economical, robust and reliable. The resins available allow you to create resistant objects that are well suited to be treated.

The printer is equipped with a washing tank and its special programmable CURE oven that allows you to finish the curing process. From today you can tackle the production of 3D printed parts with unrivaled quality.

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Reçine: D-HARD
Renk: Siyah
Sertlik: 88 ShoreD
Çekme Dayanımı: 44-55 MPa
Çekme Modülü: 2300-2600 MPA
Kopma Uzaması: %5-6

Pyramis Entegre 3D Yazılım
LCD Dokunmatik Ekran

Baskı Alanı : 475 x 242 x 340
Z Eksen Çözünürlüğü: 0.1mm (100 micron)
XY Eksen Çözünürlüğü:0.13mm(130 micron)

Dış Boyutlar: 420mm X210 mm X 112mm
Katman: 112mm
Baskı Süresi: 27 saat
Kullanılan D-Hard Reçine miktarı: 650 gr
Kullanılan D-Clean Temizleyici: 50gr

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Impossible Geometries?
Here’s the BIG solution!

With BIG, the large-format 3D resin printer, you can express all your imagination with shapes that are not only geometric, but also artistic and architectural.

Any object can be made with simplicity and thanks to the ease of post-production it’s possible to smoothen, color or polish it to obtain the desired special effects required.

Look at the example in the image, a structure impossible to achieve without 3D printing and an exceptional printing solution BIG + CURE!


Objects printed with resins need to be treated to remove any resin residue and then finish the polymerization under intense light.

Here, Sharebot, together with the printer, provides a washing tank and a high intensity light box and … a little secret to improve the polymerization that you will find in the guide.

The photopolymerization process can have a variable duration depending on the pieces and the resin used. The Box CURE is equipped with an on-off and adjustment of lighting times interface.

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Pyramis is the simplest, most intuitive and complete 3D printing system, able to better manage the parameters for 3D printing with LSL technology.

It has been designed to optimally manage the positioning of the object to be printed on the work surface, to automatically create specific bases and supports for the application with resins. Its advanced features allow automatic generation of supports and the ability to modify and customize them. Pyramis sets all parameters in a totally automatic way, leaving the “expert” users, however, the possibility to intervene on them.



D-HARD resin polymers are ideal for making large, solid and resistant objects. The resin has minimal shrinkage, the objects will not bend or deform if subjected to pressure. They have very high tensile strength and almost no elongation.

The D-HARD resin provides excellent results with the BIG 3D printer making all the smallest details stand out. The result is a solid, resistant object with characteristics unchanged over time provided it is stored in dry conditions away from UV light. This material guarantees the printing of large hard and long-lasting parts with a smooth surface finish and extremely easy finishing.

Usage Rules;

  • The resin must be poured into the tray away from direct sunlight.
  • The resin can be reused, but must be filtered to remove solid lumps.
  • Keep the resin container always closed.
  • The resin is soluble in water and soap.

Technical Details;

  • Viscosity:  440 cPs  (At 25ºC Brookfield spindle 3)
  • Hardness:  88 Shore D  ASTM D2240  (after polimerization)
  • Tensile Resistance:  45-55 Mpa  ASTM D638  (after exposure, 1h UV)
  • Tensile Modulus:  2200-2500 Mpa  ASTM D638  (after exposure, 1h UV)
  • Elongation at Failure:  4-6%  ASTM D638  (after exposure, 1h UV)
  • Storage:  10°C – 50°C
  • Density: 1.15 g/cm3

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66 KG


820 mm x 440 mm x 740 mm


120 mm x 190 m x 200 mm


0.137 mm


0.1 mm


3840 x 2160 pixels


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