Mitalon has an experience of more than 20 years in the field of automotive industry, we accumulate knowledge and innovation-oriented approaches, and also we are one of Turkey’s leading engineering and manufacturing company.

We provide innovative, Machinery, Cosmetics, Dental, Medical, Appliances, Textile, Aviation & Defense Industry and cosmetics , engineering, industrial design and manufacturing services in Automotive.

Under the frame of engineering, design and custom manufacturing services;

-New and custom industrial product designs and manufacturing by signing confidentiality agreements in cooperation with our customers in line with their demands.

(Design registration service if necessary)

– R&D projects, new product development, special machine manufacturing

– Reverse engineering, part detail analysis (material, coating, surface) and parts manufacturing with rapid prototype method.

– Special equipment, product development and commissioning to eliminate the problem in issues such as productivity, quality and work safety.

– To provide solutions that increase efficiency and quality and reduce costs with our knowledge in engineering and production.

– We carry out technical support activities, consultancy, and technical training.

– Mainly automotive, defense industry, machinery, appliances, and cosmetics sectors; We provide services from design to mass production in sheet metal and plastic molding, business-external plastic and sheet metal parts, prototype designs and manufacturing, functional spare parts, seat in industrial design areas, glass-plastic bottle design and manufacturing, reverse engineering, three-dimensional scanning.

– We continue our works in the field of engineering, which are competitive, fast and create customer satisfaction and add value to production together with our team that adopts quality as a principle

Be lean: We will be lean in all our processes and relationships.
Trustworthiness: Completing all our works and keeping all our promises and our promise is worth the deed.
Possession: Knowing the finest details of our business and know-how to manufacture
Collaboration: Develop reliable collaborations with both our customers and business partners.
Make feel valuable: Listen to all stakeholders, respect and appreciate ideas.
Be customer focused: Listen to our customers, empathize, and shape their expectations.


Become an innovative, preferred and recommended company that provides service beyond the expectations of our customers.


Mitalon’s main fields of activity is to become a reliable business partner that works customer-oriented in and who follows the progress of the industry all over the world, creates new expectations, develops collaborations, uses technology.


We are ready to go beyond the expectations of our customers, to produce solutions in all conditions and to increase their profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

As Mitalon Company, we have been serving our customers with our experienced innovative team that has been commissioning many new models in the automotive industry for more than 20 years, domestically and abroad.

  • New Car Product Development Phases (from style design definition to commercial launch)
  • Pre-feasibility activities
  • Macro feasibility studies
  • New sheet metal part development for the new vehicles
  • Body In White (BIW) feasibility & design & localization
  • Material evolution competence for lightweight design
  • Competitive Benchmarking analysis in order to develop technical best in class solution
  • Preparation of sheet metal and plastic part processes (simulations)
  • Production of Sheet Metal and Plastic Part Molds
  • Commissioning of designed molds in lines (press lines)
  • Prototype Engineering
  • World-wide homologation requirements
  • Design FMEA
  • Design and control of tool/die, tool/die manufacturing : machining, assembly, spotting, buy-off, home-line try-out, main line try-out
  • Advanced Problem Solving Methodologies (Kaizen)
  • Project management
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Production and Supply for structural parts which used industrial area (textile, energy, aviation and defense, etc)

Groups of experts who have taken many projects of our company are involved all services provide by our company in all processes. We provide support either on turnkey basis or during the selected processes in line with the demands and needs of our customers.

Maximum efficiency while managing projects, has adopted the maximum quality and optimum cost approach as a principle. Early Product Management (EPM) using the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) methodology while realizing our projects, we apply the steps of Early Equipment Management (EEM), Workplace Integration (WPI) pillars. Autonomous maintenance (AM), which the most important application of production is, we transfer our professional maintenance (PM) experience to new projects in cooperation with our customers.

In line with the demands from our customers

  • Project based consultancy.
  • Design of pieces, feasibility, process development, simulation, mold design.
  • Project-based team rental support.
  • Turnkey project commissioning and management.we provide services.
  • We will serve beyond our customers’ expectations
  • We will add value to their work.
  • We will offer unique solutions by combining our experience with technology and simplicity.
  • If there is a problem, we will find a solution with the approach.
  • We will increase the profitability, quality bar and efficiency of our customers with our fast, mobile and innovative approaches.
  • Automotive
  • Textile
  • Cosmetic
  • Machine
  • Aviation & Defense industry
  • Medical & Dental
  • Taking part in all processes from product imagination to mass production.
  • our experience and strong team
  • Our experience in lean manufacturing and World Class Manufacturing (WCM)
  • We are innovative, Flexibility and competitive.
  • Our strong master network
  • Our design and production history.
  • Our strong belief in development and cooperation