Product design and development is an engineering process that transforms an idea into a reality, taking into consideration of production and technology constraints. The Product Concept consists of serial steps that include its features, material, production conditions, and sales and marketing.

It is very critical for all companies and especially for newly established companies to develop a new product, as well as capturing new business opportunities, expands existing market shares and reaches a wider audience.

Mitalon supports you in this process and transforms your ideas into reality, with its experience and knowledge it will allow you to reach a wide audience in a short time.

Mitalon is an innovative design and development company. With our experience and competent team, we provide a global service with concept and industrial design, production, quality control, market research and international shipping services. We work closely with our customers to meet the timing, budget and sales-marketing goals of your project. Our team is competent in designers, project management, production, manufacturing, quality control and logistics.

With our advanced engineering team and our product development, project design and problem solving ability, we deliver your project successfully and cost-effectively.


Product Design And Development


+ Design (2D v& 3D)
+ Concept & Industrial Design
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+ Pre-feasibility activities
Design Error Types and Impact Analysis
+ Patent Examination and Research
+ Mold Design
+ Prototyping
Prototype – Low Volume Production
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+ Quality Management Systems
+ Problem Solving Methods & Continuous Improvement
+ Project Management / Mass Production
+ WCM (World Class Manufacturing)
+ New car product development phases
From style design definition to commercial launch
Product Design


Projects; we prepare a detailed project management plan including project job descriptions, timelines and quality specifications and present them to our customers.

Success for us is to complete the projects we jointly carry out with the targeted time, quality, budget and results.






New product development and project implementation processes;

1) Sheet Metal Part Design According to Norms and Specifications
2) Pre-feasibility activities
3) Body In White (BIW) feasibility & design & localization
4) Competitive Benchmarking analysis in order to develop technical best in class solution
5) Material evolution competence for lightweight design
6) Sheet / Plastic Manufacturability Analysis (Formability, Moldability)
7) Cost Analysis
8) Prototype Engineering
9) Technical reviews, product cards, change management
10) FMEA / DFMEA managment
11) Design and control of tool/die, tool/die manufacturing : machining, assembly, spotting, buy-off, home-line try-out, main line try-out
12) Quality, measurement, CPC, Cp,Cpk
13) Project Management
14) Part Approval Processes

Design, material, feasibility, cost analysis and prototype / mass production of spare parts machine used in the Textile and Weaving Sector.
Rapid prototype and reverse engineering services are provided for requests regarding projects in the field of white goods or functional / aesthetic spare parts.
Spare Parts Design and Production
Design, material, feasibility, cost analysis and prototype / mass production services of projects in the Energy and Natural Resources Sector or used machine spare parts.
Design, material, competitor, feasibility, cost analysis and prototype / mass production for structural and specific parts.
Glass perfume bottle, plastic bottle design and production
Rapid prototype and reverse engineering services are provided for ship, yacht and boat projects and spare parts requests.
We produce fast solutions for all kinds of projects and demands in the health and medical sectors by using the latest technology in the most efficient way.

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