The user-friendly professional dual extruder 3D printer: fast, precise, intelligent
Sharebot 43 cover
4.5 inch Touch Screen

Easy to use user interface and calibration, filament load / unload and print start commands within everyone’s reach

Doppio Estrusore IDEX

Thanks to the IDEX (Independent Dual Extruder) support Sharebot 43 has the ability to print with the full range of filaments offered by Sharebot, the print quality varies from 0.08 mm to 0.3 mm for precise and fast prints. It will also be possible to print in Mirror and Duplicate mode, which respectively allow you to use both extruders simultaneously to print the models by mirroring or duplicating them on the axis
The maximum temperature of the extruders is 300 ° C

Easy-Detach Magnetic Plan

By extracting the top using the handles it will be possible to detach the pieces by slightly bending the platform in such a way as to facilitate the detachment of the models

Filament Sensor

The convenient spool holders positioned on both sides of the printer implement two thread change sensors capable of monitoring the exhaustion of the material and signaling to the user the need to insert a new spool. In fact, it is possible to pause the printing process to ensure the correct completion of the model

Door Opening Sensor

The printer is equipped with a front door opening control. Thanks to it it is possible to pause the printing if the door is accidentally opened and to resume the same after closing


Sharebot 43 is equipped with a specially designed and easily removable independent extruder that can print complex geometries precisely and in detail. Independent extruders allow two identical objects to be printed at the same time, thus reducing the time required to complete your production.

Sharebot 43 cover
Sharebot 43

Allows the use of a wide variety of professional materials to meet all qualitative and technical requirements of the user, with an integrated nozzle resistant up to 300 C.


Fully automatic Z-axis calibration. By simply clicking on the screen, the device starts the calibration by recording the height parameters of both extruders. Calibration is done with the distance sensor inside each extruder.

Sharebot 43S
Sharebot Türkiye
Sharebot 43 cover

Sharebot 43 is the first printer born from the collaboration with Flashforge, world leader in the production of 3D printers. Sharebot will provide training assistance and warranty on this professional printer with unique features.


PLA, PET+, ABSolute, Nylon Carbon, Nylon Glass, PET-HTC, TPUre, PP, F1-Race


300 mm X 250 mm X 200 mm


40 KG


0.08 mm – 0.3 mm


Simplify3D, SharebotPrint


10 – 80 mm/s (ayarlanabilir)


627 mm x 485 mm x 615 mm

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